What's is the optimum room climate for parquet and people?


To keep your exclusive hardwood floor at its best, please pay attenteion to the following advices for a feel-good climate in your home:

One of the natural characteristics of wood is that it is hygroscopic, meaning that wood adapts to the moisture content of its environment. This process is commonly known as the swelling and shrinkage of the wood. If the air humidity exceeds 65% ( in the summer months) or falls below 40% (during the heating season) the floor boards may undergo noticable changes in dimension ( gaps in the heating season and cupping in summer). This is another reason why it is important that your parquet floor is not exposed to excessive fluctuations.

EN 15251:2012 „ Input parameters for indoor climate“ recommends a seasonally caused relative humidity of approx. 30 % to 65 % for a healthy room climate. In this range, natural characteristics of wood like gaps, minor cracks or warpage of your parquet floor may occur in a moderate degree. In case of long-term deviations, health impairments or excessive changes in the appearance of your hardwood floor, like big deformations, big gaps and cracks may occur. Wood as a natural material reacts more sensitively to changes of the relative humidity than to changes of temperature. Therefore the key to success lies in the observance of an optimum relative humidity of your indoor air! This generally requires periodic cleaning and maintenance of your parquet floor as well as an appropriate air humidification in the heating season. We therefor recommend cold humidifiers with an integrated sterilization system. The installation of Fidbox records your climate above and under your parquet floor over many years and can be conveniently monitored by mobile app. Paying attention to these important factors will guarantee pleasure over decades with your high-quality parquet floor from Scheucher


This „feel comfortable“ chart for indoor room climate demonstrates the combination of relative humidity and room temperature where the overwhelming majority feels comfortable in indoor rooms.


Green = Optimum range

Yellow = Temporarily acceptable range

Red = Inappropriate indoor climate for humans and wood