Cube parquet

Our cube pattern strongly reminds you of a chessboard – fascinating and exiting.

Striking but yet calm: our cube pattern casts a spell over everyone.

Despite of the eye-catching look, this way of installation has a very balanced effect on rooms and consists of squares of five equal strips, varyingly arrayed horizontally or vertically - either installed parallel or diagonally to the edge of a room. Due to its regularity, cube parquet neither diminishes nor enlarges rooms, what actually enhances the spatial effect - ideal for rooms that do not need any optical tricks. This installation pattern achieves the best effect in square rooms. The dimension of a strip is 11 x 140 x 700 mm, 5 strips are arranged next to each other per cube.

Enchants from the first to the last square.

Characteristics of cube parquet at a glance:
  • Neutral effect
  • No optical tricks
  • Ideal for square-shaped rooms
  • Lends every room peace and serenity
  • Multilayerparquet MULTIflor.11 700 for high-quality glue-down installation
  • Ideally suited for the installation on underfloor heating systems
  • 100% made in Austria using solar energy
  • Healthy room climate

MULTIflor.11 700

Cube parquet is installed with our MULTIflor.11 700 system. The multilayer parquet impresses with its great flexibility and is perfectly suited for underfloor heating systems.


MULTIflor.11 700 goes beyond the scope of today's usual installation patterns.





Cube parquet is available in a variety of wood types and colors. Use our Parquet-Finder to get to know the whole range and at the same time install your favorite cube parquet virtually in your home. Simply upload your own room photo!


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