Black Walnut Parquet

A special and high-quality flooring in whose strong and deep character you will already sink in at first sight.

Elegant, timeless and noble -  Black Walnut

Black walnut is a real classic. Its color spectrum offers medium brown basic tones as well as delicate yellow, olive and red tones. Due to its dark, earthy notes, black walnut parquet looks particularly robust and actually is quite dimensionally stable.

Characteristics of walnut flooring

With its lively, representative look, the natural real wood parquet is particularly effective in combination with delicate materials such as glass and sets your rooms into the limelight with its large variety of grains, available patterns and color shades. The noble wood has always found its way into houses and exudes its luxurious charm in form of impressive parquet floors, furniture or gently spreads beautiful sounds as much-used wood for precious musical instruments. With a Brinell hardness of approx. 26 N / mm², the exquisite wood is moderately pressure-tolerant. Black walnut parquet has a very good dimensional stability and can also be installed on underfloor heating without any problems. High-quality surface finishes ensure a high level of resistance and durability of your floor. Please also pay attention to the appropriate cleaning and care as well as a balanced room climate.

ELEGANCE² @ Hyatt Regency Hotel Cologne

Noble classic: dark parquet like our Black Walnut ensures tastefully subdued elegance in rooms and inspires with its mysterious look. Here in the Hotel Hyatt Regency Cologne you get the double elegance effect, thanks to the chosen chevron design from our MULTIflor NOVOLOC 5G range.

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