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Herringbone parquet

This distinctive installation pattern enlivens both, charming old and also stylish new buildings with its unusual appearance. This particularly deep spatial effect is created by installing the parquet strips at a 90 ° angle to each other. Herringbone is a true classic among a parquets installation methods and is still en vogue today.

Classics of today
and tomorrow.

With herringbone parquet, your floor is not only exremely trendy at the moment, it certainly won't make your home look old in the future either.

Parquet installed in a plaited pattern, which reminds you of the shape of fish bones, guarantees every room to appear as a highlight in an extraordinary look with impressive effects your eyes won’t get enough of. Already aristocratic families enjoyed herringbone parquet - no wonder, since many old villas and castles were furnished with this extravagant pattern those days. Herringbone parquet still finds its place in every living room, adorns beautiful lofts or modern houses with an extraordinary pattern that is uniquely versatiledepending on the incidence of light. The classic herringbone pattern is created by installing the parquet strips at right angles to each other.

Herringbone parquet at a glance:
  • Timeless pattern for energy and joie de vivre
  • Gives large rooms elegance and timelessness
  • Lends rooms liveliness and make them appear visually larger
  • Harmonizes with almost every interior style
  • Almost unlimited freedom of design
  • Large herringbone dimensions available
  • Harmonizes with every furnishing style, ideal for spacious rooms
  • Large selection of dimensions and finishes
  • 100% made in Austria with solar enegery
  • Guaranteed made of real wood
  • Healthy room climate
  • Oiled or sealed surface

Herringbone parquet shows
itself in a wonderful variety.

Basically, the herringbone pattern is a pattern that is optically based on the arrangement of fishbones. By installing parquet strips at a certain angle, extraordinary floor effects can be achieved as desired. But what are the differences in installing herringbone parquet and which additional patterns are still open to me to achieve special effects on the floor?

Herringbone pattern with  BILAflor 500 

Dimension of one strip: 11 x 70 x 500 mm
Wear layer: approx. 3.6 mm, suitable for underfloor heating systems: RT = 0.078 m2K/W

Herringbone pattern with BILAflor 1000

Dimension of one strip: 11 x 90 x 1000 mm
Wear layer: approx. 3.6 mm, suitable for underfloor heating systems: RT = 0.078 m2K/W


Herringbone pattern with MULTIflor.11 700

Dimensions: 11 x 140 x 700 mm
Wear layer: approx. 3.6 mm, suitable for the installation on underfloor heating systems: RT = 0.078 m2K/W


With classic herringbone parquet, the strips are installed at a 90 ° angle to each other. With the high-quality 2-layer parquet BILAflor® and the multilayer parquet MULTIflor.11 700 from Scheucher, different dimensions can also be installed as  double herringbone as well as  triple herringbone.

Double herringbone

possible with BILAflor 500,
BILAflor 1000 or MULTIflor.11 700

Triple herringbone

possible with BILAflor 500,
BILAflor 1000 or MULTIflor.11 700


Herringbone parquet in oak

Probably the most versatile type of wood - both in function and due to the complex possibilities for surface treatments – smuggles itself into the herringbone segment as a very special highlight.

The robust and popular oak is a real eye-catcher when installed in a herringbone pattern. On the one hand, the grateful wood can be processed and refined in any imaginable form, and on the other hand, the exceptional properties of oak make the wood a true allrounder. If you choose oak parquet in a herringbone pattern, your homes’ major highlight will definitely be your floor.

See herringbone parquet virutally in your own rooms

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Dunkles Fischgrät in einem Essbzimmer
[Translate to EN:] Wohnzimmer im nordischen Skandi-Stil mit Fischgrätboden aus Eiche
[Translate to EN:] Helle Wohnzimmercouch mit Fischgrätparkett in Eiche
[Translate to EN:] Bücherregal in und Retrostuhl in Wohnung mit Fischgrät Parkett in Eiche


Herringbone parquet is available in a wide range of wood types and colors. Use our Parquet -Finder to get to know the whole variety and at the same time install your favorite floor virtually in your home. Simply upload your own room photo!



Even at an angle of 45° or 60, our flooring cuts a fine figure. It enables you to enjoy French elegance coupled with a distinctive touch and an impressive visual effect. 

Discover our magical chevron parquet!

Finetuning of herringbone parquet

Even if you have already chosen a wood type, there are many more options available to you at Scheucher to enable you to “fine tune” your herringbone floor.  Different, available types of wood naturally open up a spectacular world of colors, that is expanded by various other surface treatments with natural colored oils or sealants. The grading also determines the effect of the floor to a large extent and sets individual accents - usually we prefer calmer gradings for herringbone patterns. The structure of the floor is linked to the haptics of the parquet, i.e. how it feels when you touch it with your hands or walk on it barefoot. In certain lights, it also lends the parquet a subtle “finished” look.