Interior inspiration with Scheucher.

Let yourself be inspired by our room scenes, take a look at some of our wonderful projects and see which impact the right parquet floor -  as one of the largest living areas in your home -  can have on your rooms.

By the way: With our interactive Parquet Finder you can visualize your favorite parquet directly in your home!

Light wooden floors 

Our lightest parquet creations skilfully keep a low profile and allow colors and pieces of furniture to really come into their own. White is considered a neutral color, which is why it harmonizes well with itself, but can also be used with all other shades and a wide variety of furnishing styles. It is not only this excellent combinability that speaks in favor of a light-colored parquet floor, whether as a plank, herringbone or ship's floor - light-colored parquet surfaces reflect a large part of the light and make rooms appear friendlier and more spacious than rooms in which dark parquet has been laid. Therefore, when choosing your parquet flooring, always consider your lighting conditions!

Brownish wooden floors

Brownish parquet floors bring out the organic structure of the parquet excellently and emphasize the medium of wood itself. They radiate the calming brown of the earth and pleasantly ground rooms. Natural brown tones have a harmonious effect on the character of the room and create a sense of security.

Dark wooden floors

Dark parquet floors ensure tastefully subdued elegance in all rooms and inspire with mysterious mysticism. The dignified look in many color nuances testifies to purism and a consummate sense of style.

Stairs with parquet treads

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