PUROtec - Surface innovation

Discover Purotec - the natural matt UV - lacquered surface without the use of matting agents. Purotec gives you the optical illusion of untreated wood, whilst functionally providing your parquet with an even higher resistance and minimized color changes.


This innovative and solvent-free UV lacquered surface, applied using the unique excimer technology, enables a physical matting without additional matting agents as well as subsequent UV curing in just one process step. Cleaning is particularly easy, and maintenance is no longer required.


The natural matt sealed parquet surface scores with numerous advantages:

  • Natural, matt look
  • Solvent-free, healthy indoor climate
  • Easy to clean and practically maintenance-free
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for commercial use according to ÖNORM C2354
  • Exceptionally scratch- and abrasion resistant
  • Minimized color change (UV)
  • Anti footprint effect
  • Sandable and restorable
  • No rolling structure as with conventional matt lacquers

Extremely scratch- and abrasion resistant parquet surface

Thanks to its higher surface hardness and the resulting extremely scratch- and abrasion-resistant surface, PUROtec considerably extends the life of your parquet flooring. Experience the difference with the conclusive Martindale test, which simulates natural wear and tear in this video:

PUROtec colors

Discover the color world of PUROtec, which leaves a particularly natural and saturated impression thanks to its unique matt surface treatment.



Pure, transparent



Intensive white




Oak smoked NATURALE

Pure, transparent

Oak smoked PERLA

Soft shade of white

Black Walnut NATURALE

Pure, transparent

Get some precise information about this brand new process technology in surface finishing that is unique in the parquet flooring industry and enjoy this future technology with its innovative and time-saving functionalities soon in your home!


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