How do I disinfect my Scheucher parquet?


To disinfect possibly viral surfaces, we use agents recommended and approved by the WHO and the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control):

- We use alcohol-based disinfectants for hand disinfection [1]

- For surface disinfection, we alternatively use 3% hydrogen peroxide solutions or 0.5% hypochlorite solutions, both are recommended for disinfecting surfaces. [2]

We regularly use it to disinfect countertops, door handles, machine parts that are often touched as well as our floors in times like these. When wiping up and wiping the surfaces, we always wear protective gloves as well as nose and mouth protection and protective goggles! These agents must never come into contact with our body in any way.

After six weeks of field testing, we can confirm that Scheucher parquet flooring suffer no damage if the recommended disinfectants are used in the correct way. So if you want to disinfect your Scheucher parquet, please only use tested agents such as those mentioned above and apply them in a way that they begin to dry up after approx. 30 seconds. This gives the necessary exposure time to the agent, there will be no damage to faucets and floors and the antiviral effect kicks in.


With this in mind we wish you all the best and stay healthy!



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- [2]


All recommendations and technical information from Scheucher are based on extensive practical and laboratory experience and is created to the best of our knowledge. No warranty or liability claims can be derived from our instructions.


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