Spring cleaning? This is how you properly clean and care your parquet floor!




Long-awaited spring sun

When the first rays of sunshine shine through the windows with full power again, many people want to start the big spring cleaning. It makes sense to also pamper your parquet floor with an extra dose of care, as it is exposed to stress and burden all year long! Regardless of whether parquet floors are oiled or sealed : the specially designed range of cleaning and care products from Scheucher can be optimally integrated to your spring cleaning, regenerates your floor and strengthens the color intensity. In this way, its beautiful look and individual character can be preserved in a natural way for many years.

Tips for spring cleaning

Proceed systematically and check before starting if you have all the necessary utensils ready - nothing is more annoying than having everything prepared and then a little thing is missing! Share your work with a family member or fried - it is or lot more fun, or alternatively split the work in stages. Bear in mind that all care products require a certain drying time, during which you cannot use the room.  The Scheucher CAREboy makes cleaning and caring for your floors a whole lot easier!

The Scheucher Careboy

It is a multifunctional, cordless polishing and cleaning machine for the comfortable and efficient cleaning and care of your oiled / waxed parquet floor, which you can also use with our cleaning and care products Parquet Care and Parquet Cleaner. Thanks to the cordless and low-noise battery operation as well as a double drive, simple and innovative cleaning and care is guaranteed. The specially designed nozzle and the spraying at the push of a button support a controlled spray quantity and protect your parquet floor from excessive moisture. The built-in LED lighting illuminates and the joint, which can be swiveled by up to 360°, makes it easier to reach corners and dark areas such as your floor space below the sofa or bed.

Additional TIP:

To maintain a beautiful look and to protect the wooden surface, mechanical damage should be avoided as far as possible. It is recommended to put some doormats in the entrance area. Remove sand and dirt immediately with a broom. Equip your movable furniture with parquet felt glides and use chair castors for office armchairs that are suitable for parquet. Do not leave any wet objects on the parquet floor. In order to be able to assess the cleaning result properly, cleaning attempts on heavily soiled surfaces must be tested on inconspicuous areas. Do not use strongly alkaline cleaners or acids, these can irreversibly discolour the wood. Make sure you maintain the right indoor climate all year round!

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