Vizualize your own room with Scheucher Parquet

Use our parquet finder to find the perfect parquet floor for you. To find out which parquet fits best, the parquet finder offers an overview of all product options in our diverse range of wood types, colors, surfaces and dimensions. At the same time, you can see your favorite parquet right in your own home with our interactive floor visualization tool. Simply upload your own room photo!

Which parquet floor suits my home?

Light parquet, dark parquet, herringbone parquet, oak parquet, walnut parquet, scraped or steamed parquet, in a calm or lively sorting? These are just a few of the many design options that the Scheucher product range has to offer - and guarantee that there is the right floor for every taste and furnishing style. However, buying a parquet floor can be difficult as you do not know exactly what the desired product will look like in your own space until it is installed. A large selection can make the decision even more difficult.

With the new Scheucher parquet finder and its integrated room visualizer, you can now quickly and virtually see how your dream parquet will look like in your own rooms and make the right choice more efficiently and safely - after all, your Scheucher parquet floor is and should be an investment for life that makes you happy for just as long!

Bring your floor to life now

With our interactive online tool, you can bring your floor to life, because it shows you how your room can change by using different designs.. Whether parquet for the kitchen, for the bathroom or parquet for small rooms: with the parquet finder you can test which parquet fits in every room. Let your creativity run free and test different parquet floors from the Scheucher range to find out which dimension, color and design harmonizes best with your personal style, room size and existing furniture.



No furniture available yet?

Try our parquet finder in a number of predefined room situations in different room categories that are similar to your taste.

Suitable filters quickly guide you to the desired destination - you can also choose from additional options such as adapting the installation direction or the installation pattern. You can also use the zoom function to take a closer look at details.

Product selection

Scroll through the selection area on the left-hand side to explore and select Scheucher's diverse product world and view it in your desired room. By clicking on the product , you can also select the final surface -> if several options are available, a further drop-down field will pop up in the filter area.

Can't decide on a parquet floor?

Have you almost made your choice and just can't decide between two products? With the split function, you can see your two favorites in direct comparison. After selecting your first favorite, simply select the split function in the top right-hand corner and then select your second parquet favorite in the selection area on the left!

Product info 

The product information provides you with additional product information on your favorite parquet flooring so that you can take a closer look. For more detailed information and all services relating to your parquet floor - from expert advice to installation and maintenance - please contact your local Scheucher dealer! With the share function, you can download your chosen product or simply share it by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter and get the opinion of your friends and family!

Order your

To make it easier for you to choose your new parquet floor, we offer you the option of ordering up to 4 samples in a package to be sent to your home in Austria or Germany free of charge. The samples are ideal for demonstrating the type of structure, color tone, surface and feel.

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