Standard can be so individual: a special version of our BILAflor 1000 parquet strip

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Good things come to those who wait

The enormous effort and creative thought at the installation of our BILAflor 1000 parquet strip in this private apartment located in the center of Prague has definitely paid off: the floor gives its residents a definitely unique appearance and an almost nostalgic flair into the modern living area on 200 m².

Thoughts of the architect Ing. Arch. Klára Valová:
The basic idea is based on the style of the well-known Hungarian herringbone pattern, which should be further developed with this project. For this reason, not only the size of the Scheucher parquet strip, but also this classic installation method has been changed.

In the end, the architect also discovered that the floor changes its appearance due to different lights and from different angles, which makes it all the more interesting and particularly impresses both end customers and architects. The originally raw parquet was installed on approx. 200 m² in the entire living area, with the exception of the bathroom and the entrance hall, and finished with a special grey colored oil, which makes it all the more chic.

Installaion and the time required

The basic product was our BILAflor 1000 strip in natural oak Valletta raw. The post-processing of the originally 1m long, brushed oak parquet strip took about a week and in the end delivered thousands of small pieces. The subsequent installation, which could only be carried out very slowly - was made in about 10 m² steps per day. A lot of time, but everyone agrees that it was definitely worth it in the end and conjured up a prime example of extravagance in the living space of the happy customers. We at Scheucher Parkett are particularly pleased that our unique natural products stimulate the creativity of our customers and in this way create even more individual living spaces!

Project details:
Location: Prague Vinohrady

Copyright photos: Vladimír KIVA Novotný Author / Creator: smlxl

Architect: Ing.arch. Klára Valová

Execution: Parquet Atelier

Parquet: Scheucher BILAflor 1000 Natural Oak Valletta Raw