Parquet flooring in a wide variety of white


Allows colors and pieces of furniture perfectly come into their own in this wonderful Viennese home: one of our brightest parquet creations WOODflor NOVOLOC 5G 182 Elevation Oak Brač.

The inspiration for this unique almond-white parquet comes from shimmering white limestone walls and quarries with precious cuboids, which frame the landscape and whose famous marble of Brač graces venerable buildings and monuments around the world since the antiquity till eternity.


White is considered a neutral color, which is why it harmonizes well with itself, but can also be used with all other colors and different furnishing styles. Beside this excellent combinability also its light reflecting property speaks for a white colored parquet floor. Whether as a plank, herringbone or 3-strip, its surfaces reflect a large part of the light and make rooms appear friendlier and more spacious than rooms with dark flooring.

No worries about the maintenance

Of course, you can see certain dirt more quickly on light floors than on darker or browner parquet, but its care and cleaning effort is just as easy! Scheucher parquet floors are antistatic and do not attract dust. Vacuuming and, if necessary, wiping up with a damp cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning too!

Thanks to partial hand finishings and multiple surface treatments with stains, active stains, alkalis and colored oils, which are intensively worked into the structured surface, our Elevation floors like Brac have a particularly good depth impregnation. An additional transparent oil application and a wax finish protect your parquet from dirt and water - make it all the easier to care for and keep it beautiful for years.


Now lean back, discover our lightest parquet tones and see them virtually in your home: Simply open the parquet finder, upload your own room photo, select the lightest color group and experience your dream parquet quickly and easily in your home!

If you can't decide between the numerous shades of white, simply put your 4 favorite shades in your sample box and order your hand samples free of charge within Austria and to Germany!