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At home with Michaela and Manuel - Herringbone parquet mixed with a modern and classical style

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Today we had the pleasure of visiting Michaela and Manuel in their dream home in the quiet, family-friendly hillsides of southern Styria. They gave us a little insight into their interior life, including their large-format herringbone parquet flooring from Scheucher's MULTIflor 700 series - a real eye-catcher that perfectly rounds off Michaela's visible affinity for interior trends and classic, straightforward design.



Planning and feel-good factors 

After careful planning, Michaela and Manuel made their dream home come true when they moved in last May. While Michaela is always on the trail of the latest living and decorating trends and is gradually integrating more and more stylish details into her home, the young couple has been primarily enjoying cozy hours together in their new home in the countryside since moving in. The house gives you exactly the feel-good factors that are particularly important to the two: sufficient daylight, a natural ambience and tranquility.

The floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the greenery allow a great deal of light to enter the living spaces of the bungalow, which enhances the quality of life and connects the outdoor area with the living space. Also, the effect of the parquet flooring and herringbone pattern changes throughout the day with the naturally changing incidence of light, always creating a varied mood.


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The natural ambience and tranquility is reflected both visually and functionally in the chosen parquet flooring: the selected, calm grading provides a balanced and coherent overall picture - at the same time, in this picture, each individual parquet strip is unique, drawn by nature and, on closer inspection, equally always gives the eye a little variety. The natural properties of the wood and the oxidative oiled-waxed parquet surface ensure a healthy living environment.


This is how they became aware of Scheucher Parquet:

Michaela describes her style of living as timelessly elegant with a hint of old building, which is why she knew in advance that only a parquet floor in herringbone pattern would come into question for her. With this decision, the two were already able to somewhat limit the large product selection. Finally, they had to decide on the surface finish, color and format of the floor, which had to match the chosen furniture and the size of the room - with the help of the Parquet Finder and their Scheucher dealer, they were able to concentrate fully on this.




The great wood stove separates the kitchen and living room and also brings an additional natural factor into the minimalist modern living space thanks to the stored wood. However, heating costs can generally be kept lower thanks to the ingenious design of MULTIflor 700 in combination with underfloor heating, as the heat can reach the surface particularly quickly.

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The choice of parquet flooring

From the entrance area, a modern industrial door leads directly into the open-plan living and dining area, for which the couple opted for Scheucher's Multiflor 700 in Oak Natur Valletta Seda Bianca - installed as an herringbone pattern. The intense white oiled parquet's creamy hue nestles against the light-colored seating, and the wood provides a pleasantly warm contrast to the black kitchen furniture and sophisticated black details. The unique construction and low overall height of the parquet, immediately ensured easy connection to the tiles in the vestibule. The larger format of these parquet strips fits perfectly into the spacious living room and, together with the large format tiles, creates a perfectly proportioned overall picture.

Michaela fulfilled her herringbone dream



In the bedrooms, the young couple deliberately chose something a little different. Here, the choice fell on the Scheucher parquet Bilaflor 500 in the same wood type and surface finish - Oak Natur Valetta Seda Bianca, also installed as herringbone parquet. Why two different parquet floors? Simply because they wanted to make smaller planks stand out better in the smaller rooms.

In total, about 150 m² of parquet were installed. We wish Michaela and Manuel continued enjoyment in their home and are pleased that their paths will lead over Scheucher parquet for decades!


Simba the cat can't be missing from Michaela and Manuel's happiness in their home. The brushed Valletta surface allows him to playfully unfold his claws without leaving visible traces.




If you follow Michaela on Instagram at @casa_ragazza, you can follow along from the beginning as your home has taken shape with our hardwood flooring over the past few months and be inspired by Michaela's knack for interior design.