A modern natural chic style with parquet - welcome to Verena's, Lukas' and son Vincent's home

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Nowadays, you no longer have to choose between stylish and sustainable. The trend towards natural living is progressing steadily, you might even think it's part of good manners nowadays and should become an absolute must in view of the climatic problems on our planet. In this new parquet story we show you how this young family has brought the trend to their home and made even the smallest corner an absolute eye-catcher.


The "Wood House" - that's what Verena lovingly calls the newly buildt home in Styria.  Not only their wooden floor, but also numerous other wooden elements do justice to the name. But first, however, let's get to the most effective, and for us, of course, the most important residential part: their Scheucher parquet floor! You will find the highest quality oak parquet with a natural oxidative oiled and waxed surface. Our longest strip in our WOODflor NOVOLOC 5G 222 Oak Country Seda Natura version unfolds itself and its positive effect on the indoor climate on about 160 m² of living space. Except for the wet areas such as the bathroom and toilet, the oak parquet flooring was used in all rooms, including the anteroom and kitchen.  

Not only mighty wooden beams on the open ceiling in the living area, but also various smaller accents such as kitchen elements create the perfect counterpart to our XXL plank on the floor. The magnificent view of nature and lots of light also make the open living area an absolute favorite place and the family center of the whole house.


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Son Vincent and his friends keep Verena and Lukas on the go day in and day out - most of the time in his specially designed play corner. Running barefoot, which is so important for children, is even more fun on the brushed Valletta parquet surface.

Stealthily, dog Ylvie also likes to mingle with the young crowd and enjoys the full attention of his - for sure - best friend Vincent.


To come back: for these reasons not only the optics of the parquet must be according to desire, it should be also robust, provide a healthy indoor climate and be repairable. Thus, the young family chose the parquet not only because of their huge oak windows, but also because of living biological and technical properties for the product. Verena and Lukas chose our Country grading to further emphasize the naturalness in their home - numerous knots and vivid color nuances remind of the full power of a whole tree. Modern and clean accessories round off the lively look of the parquet flooring - the motto here is: less is more!


How did the family become aware of Scheucher parquet?

During the interview with Verena, she emphasized the familiarity and quality of Scheucher, as many beautiful houses have already been built in her circle of friends and finished with Scheucher parquet.

The online parquet finder, including a free sample order, was also very helpful for the two of them and was used very frequently during the decision-making process. The final consultation and installation was, of course, carried out by one of our competent partners - Verena and Lukas took the time to discuss the desired type of wood, surface and production method together on site - after all, parquet is and remains a haptic product and requires professional and desired advice.

A real parquet floor, with a wear layer of approx. 3.6 cm as from Scheucher, should last for generations. Now come back to the beginning - natural living with high-quality and therefore long-term, repairable products says our throwaway society the fight and gives us a real and unique feeling of living - you can sit back and enjoy without a guilty conscience - like like these three dear peoplein their personal feel-good oasis in the green!

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