My home is my island of relaxation


Everyone of us keeps the precious memories of his island deeply in his soul. Even years later, when most of them already seem forgotten, these marvellous impressions still can be retrieved. Gnarly olive trees, maturing their fruits under the blazing sun; windmill sails creaking in the wind; a cool spindrift on a stormy day in our faces; the feeling of warm sand between our toes; fishermen‘s boats bobbing up and down in the sea; characterful people defying the elements and knowing how to celebrate life; a tasty local tidbit on an ancient wooden table, where generations have already sat before....

But also, or rather above all, your own home should be a place of relaxation, retreat, security and familiarity for me and my family. A small island of our own on which we can write our individual stories, keep our memories and let our soul dangle. A place that simply gives us a cozy feeling, which we like to think about and where we always love to return.

Residing means wellbeing

Everyone of us defines home in a different way and so every living space is a mirror of everyones individual personality. Basically, the living environment has an enormous influence on our well-being and is important to recover from our everyday stress, to stay balanced and thus healthy -  all year round!  Unfortunately, a vacation is usually only enough to meet the short-term desire for relaxation. This is why it is always worth investing time and love in your own four walls.

Not only the use of healthy and natural building materials or the right room climate are decisive, but also many other factors such as places to retreat and for individual development, pleasant acoustics, the design with colors and light or placing personal items. Even short stimuli in everyday life can help to raise certain associations from sleep and let us indulge in beautiful memories again:

Holiday feeling in your home

As it is with old holiday photos, our parquet collection Elevation also gives you that special holiday feeling in your own home, exudes a touch of perpetual wellbeing and lets your holiday memories come to life beneath your feet day by day. The selection of natural oak surface treatments offers a wide variety of possible uses to create the most varied of atmospheres depending on your taste and preferred color scheme.

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