Allow me, Alfred! I was furnished with parquet from Scheucher.

Parquet Stories

Stroll into the Alfred!
The new hotel with roof terrace, lounge bar and a view onthe prealps opened its doors in the south of St. Pölten in April. At Alfreds you should definitely do one thing: feel good! And so all areas were designed stylish and high quality, with the main focus on comfort.

This is why our 1-strip Oak Country Valsega Natura Seda also contributes its part to the successful overall concept on around 200 square meters. The rustic, band-sawn and brushed surface ensures a cozy appearance as well as a distinctive surface impression. The natural surface refinement Seda with its high-quality oils and waxes preserves the originally fresh character of the wood and impresses with its velvety matt surface. The open-pore finishing with breathable materials also ensures a particularly healthy room climate