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With the right parquet floor,  you bring the naturalness and charm of the raw material wood into your home. But it is not only the visual and biological characteristics that make real wood parquet one of the most popular floors, but also the uniqueness, variety, warmth and years full of natural beauty.  Countless reasons why natural wooden floors rank among the most popular floor coverings around the world.


A floor significantly contributes to the overall look of a room and thus also plays an essential role when designing a home or a project. In addition, wood is the perfect basis for a natural and healthy living environment and has a positive effect on the room climate. Scheucher guarantees parquet floors made from real wood, that are sustainably and 100% produced in Austria.


Wood lives and is not just a floor but touches your senses. You SEE the unique wood grains. Quiet, full of character, sometimes rustic - each parquet floor is a unique piece of nature, showing its individual beauty. You can feel the comfortably warm surface with your hands and feet. Depending on the finishing it FEELS smooth, sanded, brushed, scraped or sawn. The pleasant SMELL of wood and natural high-quality oils takes you away in the middle of a forest.

„Grown in the quiet forest.
As individual as nature. As individual as you.“


When looking for the perfect parquet floor for your home,
it is important to consider all relevant factors:

     • Which type of wood do you prefer?

     • Which surface do you particularly like?

     • Which finishes get the best out of the wood?

Depending on the origin and type of tree, the resulting woods have different characteristics
and degrees of hardness.

„Nature puts on a show: exciting colors and structures.
A limitless specture. Sustainable. Durable. Green.“

Parquet colors

Wood and parquet are unique: each type of wood is different in color, grading and structure and naturally opens up a spectacular world of colors for every taste and sense of style.

Light brown: Hard Maple, Ash
Brown: Oak, Iroko, 
Dark brown: Black Walnut
Red-brown: Cherry, Beech, Merbau

Scheucher uses various natural colors to achieve the best possible effect, giving nature a helping hand with its finishing touches.  This way the color spectrum for selected types of wood, such as the popular oak, ranges from almost white to airy light brown or chocolate tones or almost black, like our smoked oak.

Discover the rich facets and color worlds of Scheucher parquet in our Parquet finder! 

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