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Handover of the management to Karl Scheucher Junior


We would like to inform you that the management of Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH has been handed over to Mr. Karl Scheucher Junior.
After more than 39 successful business years, Karl and Isabella Scheucher are transferring the management of the family business to their son, but will remain on hand for some time in an advisory capacity.



" Since 1920, we have been proud to be a family business and to see it grow.

We are all the more pleased to remain such with the handover to our son.

Our life's work is now being proudly continued in the fifth generation."

                                                                                                           -   Karl Scheucher, Isabella Scheucher



Karl Scheucher Junior

Karl Scheucher Junior joins the company in 2009. Having held various positions, he has now been entrusted with the management of the company for several years.
Just like Mr. Karl Scheucher 65 years ago, he was born with a passion for wood - so Karl Scheucher Junior, a manager with experience in the industry, takes on this responsible task.



A glimpse into the past

Even though Scheucher is looking to the future, such an occasion invites us to briefly reflect on the past.

Karl Scheucher took over the company from one day to the next after the unexpected death of his father in 1985 and today, together with his family and long-serving employees, can look back on an incredibly exciting and successful development.
The success that the company has achieved in recent years is firmly tied to these people. With hard work, a spirit of innovation, passion and a great deal of courage, Scheucher has grown from a small sawmill founded in 1920 into a globally active company.
The Scheucher brand has firmly established itself on the market with top-quality products.



A balancing act of tradition and innovation

"A tree only stands so firmly because it has formed
a stable structure from its roots."


It is a balancing act to preserve the traditional, but to look to the future with an open mind.
Starting from the roots of our company history, with Karl Scheucher Junior not only the name but also numerous authentic values remain deeply connected to the company and strengthen Scheucher's identity. At the same time, new ideas will sprout like seeds and in turn grow into a tree. This combination of authenticity, sustainable management, the continued careful use of resources, various process optimizations and new visions will be our breeding ground for a promising future and our guarantee for good quality.

Continuation and expansion of a life's work

"Ideas will sprout again like seeds, take root and grow into a tree. With respect and reverence, however, we also stand before existing giant trees that, with their expansive canopies of leaves, deliver powerful and significant achievements."