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A celebration for the family: the first Scheucher Autumn Festival

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More than 500 employees and family members accepted the invitation to celebrate the first Scheucher Autumn Festival at our company premises in Mettersdorf at the beginning of October. Not only our palates were spoiled with a wide variety of delicacies from the grill, regional Vulkano ham, chestnuts and "Sturm" as well as many other Austrian specialties - there was also so much to discover for our little ones in addition to a bouncy castle and giant slide. The day was accompanied by good music and was all in all a lot of fun!


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As a Styrian family business with a long tradition, it is not only the love of wood that connects us - Scheucher relies on a good cooperation and an exchange at eye level between all employees. We are all the more pleased that our family celebration has brought us even closer together after a long and persistent pandemic.


Good employees let us grow. They are what water, light and earth are for a tree - LIFE..


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