Interior Design on the "Wild(s) Side"

Parquet Stories

Three extraordinary high-end objects by interior designer Peter Wilds with Scheucher parquet

The Canadian city of Vancouver in British Columbia is famous for its proximity to the beautiful outdoors and its cosmopolitan and multicultural vibes. The city is also a hotbed for the interior design community, whose creativity impacts the aesthetics of Vancouver’s public and private spaces.

In 2010, Scheucher established a partnership with European Touch Hardwood Inc. ETH specializes in the supply and installation of hardwood flooring, and has been working with some of the best architects and designers in Western Canada since 1991. ETH was instrumental in specifying hardwood flooring from Scheucher’s collection in many high-end residential and commercial installations, including the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, boutique residential apartment buildings, restaurants, and offices. Scheucher's wide range of products ensured a large variance of possible uses to create the most diverse atmospheres; Thanks to the high level of flexibility, Scheucher was and is able to instantly respond to current and local trends.

Peter Wilds is a Vancouver-based interior designer who excels at creating spaces that are saturated with personality, telling the story of a home’s inhabitants. Cool, classic, eclectic, cultured – there’s a cornucopia of words to describe interiors created by Peter Wilds Design.

Peter has used hardwood flooring made by Scheucher in a variety of private residences. In his own words: “The neutral but wide-ranging colour palette of Scheucher’s hardwood is a beautiful foundation for creating unique and personalized spaces.”


Peter is particular about his use of white. “I’m the dude who works with white a lot. It’s a classic choice. Sometimes it’s a brave choice. I’m a big believer in mixing whites. There’s a warmth to layers of white on white.” Wilds and his client decided that fir posts would be the only wood in this Whistler house. Everything else was suffused with creamy whites, including Scheucher’s Woodflor in Brushed Ash Silk White.



In his work, Wilds is known for his refined design palate and bold choices. “Pure black is as neutral as pure white.  When working with black hardwood floors as my canvas, I keep my other colours warm but blended, to avoid contrast “.  Another Vancouver home, also designed by Peter Wilds, features gorgeous and velvety Woodflor Brushed Smoked Oak in Black.


Peter used Scheucher’s Woodflor in Smoked Oak as a warm background for family-friendly living in this bright Vancouver home. “The rich chocolate tones of the hardwood beautifully offset the clean lines of this modern kitchen”.