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An idea grows like a seed, striking roots and growing into a mature tree.

For many years now, Scheucher, a family-run company with a long tradition and its headquarters in heavily-forested Styria in Austria, has been producing elegant parquet flooring that meets with a superb reception in more than 45 countries throughout the world.

I have been active as a leading figure within the company for more than thirty years now and with my team and my dependable partners am in a position to look back at the success it has achieved. At the same time, it is also clear that a very promising and auspicious future lies ahead.

Allow yourself to be won over by a complete range of wood types, grades and finishes and feel the love and perfection embodied in each parquet floor from Scheucher!

KR Ing. Karl Scheucher


In the forest, nothing at all happens without a reason – a perfect eco-system, in which every animal and every plant has its place. In that way, the forest is capable of adapting to any changes in conditions. As a company, Scheucher aims to emulate the forest in this regard and sets out to secure the future of its business for generations to come.


The most important part of the company’s sustainable approach is the fact that its production site is located in Austria, in Zehensdorf near Mettersdorf, in the federal province of Styria to be precise. As Karl Scheucher himself confirms, “Just like a tree seed remains anchored to its original location once it has established its roots, Scheucher has remained rooted in its original locality!”


With one of the most modern parquet factories in Europe, Scheucher has evolved into one of the leading parquet manufacturers in Austria over the past decades.

SCHEUCHER stands for:

+ Premium workmanship
+ Contemporary design
+ Unique innovations
+ An outstanding technical know-how
+ Professional service and consulting


A tree is a living example of something that thinks of tomorrow and produces for the day after.

RealWood is the official seal of the European Parquet Assosiation confirming the parquet is made from real wood and is no artificial replication.

The CE-label confirms compliancy with European standards and is obligatory when selling this product.

Scheucher supports sustainable construction via Environmental Product Declerations (EPDs) as a basis for the sustainability assessment of buildings at IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

FSC® certified wood comes from controlled sources which fulfill the worldwide consistent principles of FSC®. Main goal is sustainable forestry in the world.

PEFC-certified wood comes from controlled sources of sustainably managed forests.

Scheucher Parquet floors fulfill the award criteria V1.0 of TÜV PROFICERT-product Interior Certification.

Scheucher meets the high demands of the American LEED v4 program. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is globally recognized and the most widely used green building rating system in the world. 


To us, they mean the same thing that soil, water an light mean to trees – LIFE!


We actually give our parquet designers a great deal of creative freedom. That way, they never cease to delight us by producing extremely stylish, trendy or even extravagant models, or even entire production lines.What is more, Scheucher’s own R&D departmenthas itself been responsible for a great many innovations from a technologicalpoint of view.


None of this would be possible without dependable and highly conscientious production staff, who put their very hearts into their work. What use is the best product design, if it isn’t 100% perfect and doesn’t have the backing of a workforce that is passionate? In order to ensure quality of production, our company makes use of state-of-the-art machinery on a company site that provides Scheucher with scope to expand and to respond to and develop all of its business requirements.


No ship can successfully sail the seven seas without the experience, training and the longterm vision of the captain and his officers. With this in mind, Scheucher has been managed by an experienced leadership team since it first got underway and has ably and successfully negotiated all of the hidden obstacles and cliffs that it encountered on the ever-changing waters of the global commercial environment.

Mission statement, Corporate principles, Corporate culture

Scheucher GmbH is an international company committed to meeting the fascinating challenge of global competition. Constant change, the variety of tasks and the increasing size of the company make it more and more important for each employee to see his or her own job in a corporate context. This is why guidance for our business activities and our cooperation is of great importance. Our mission statement provides such guidance. It summarises the values and targets by which we want to be measured and describes the self-perception and the culture of our company. Scheucher products are sold in more than 45 countries worldwide and have earned Scheucher the high reputation it enjoys for leadership in expertise, reliability and excellence as a partner at both national and international level.

Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH … from past to present

1920 Typical Styrian sawmill founded at Zehensdorf.
70er First large-scale technical modernisation by installation of planing mill.
80er Concentration on solid hardwood panels (edge glued finger jointed and 3-ply panels).
1993 Extending the capacity of solid wood panel production. Extension of product range.
1995 Production launch of solid hardwood floors and 3-ply pre-finished wood floors.
2000 Doubling the production of engineered hardwood floors
Capacity: 1 million m²
Establishment of a logistics centre
2002 Production launch of: Novoloc®
2003 Launch of BILAflor® 500 and BILAflor® 1000 product lines.
2005 Starting new production of BILAflor® 1500 and BILAflor® 1200
New head office with new, large exhibition and seminar room.
2006 Market launch of Steirer Parkett Sport
2008 Opening logistics center
Market launch of Impression
2009 New Corporate Design
2012 Innovation stairbox
2013 New corporate apperance, new website
2014 Launch of the new parquet collection “Elevation 2014″
2015 Innovation “RELOC”, Expansion of our logistics center
2016 Expansion of range Elevation,
Launch of MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G,
Innovation within Chevron flooring
2017 New website 
High investment in the expansion of our parquet production
2018 Green Power for our parquet production - Installation of Austrias largest photovoltaic roof system  (click for more information)
Expansion of range Elevation 
2019 Launch of the parquet range MULTIflor 700 

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