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Revolution MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G: thinner with the same wear layer, an attractive range of Chevron flooring and other installation patterns with a state-of-the-art technology.

  • 2-layer engineered wood flooring for glue-down installations
  • Chevron flooring with click-system 
  • 100% made in Austria using solar energy
  • Finished surface SEDA or TENSEO 
  • Guaranteed made of real wood
  • Only 9.8mm construction height
  • Easy, barrier-free junction to other floor coverings
  • Approx. 3.6 mm wear layer from solid wood -  multiple renovations possible
  • Perfectly suitable for underfloor heating systems, thermal insulaton resistance: RT = 0.058 m2K/W
  • Supports a natural and healthy room climate, hygienic and easy to care for
  • 30 years warranty in the private sector

Colourful variation inspires the imagination. Intelligent technology allows
more scope for new ideas.
Newly interpreted installation.
Newly defined selection.

From revitalization to renovation, extensions to existing buildings right up to the creation of completely new living experiences in new buildings: Our innovative parquet lines MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G, MULTIflor.11 NOVOLOC® 5G and MULTIflor 700 are optimally tailored to the requirements of today's construction processes..


The true innovative power of MULTIflor lies, however, in its “subsurface”: thanks to its completely unique structure, an unprecedentedly low construction height can be achieved without having to compromise on the wear layer.  As a result, MULTIflor parquet flooring from Scheucher can be used for almost any purpose and is particularly well-suited to use in renovation work. Multi-flexible use among the most beautiful and popular parquet creations from Scheucher.


meets modernity.


With Scheucher and MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G, you can benefit from the full range of extravagant Chevron flooring in exquisite installation patterns.

Available dimensions

Chevron flooring
flor NOVOLOC® 5G 500 60°
Dimensions: 9.8 x 140 x 500mm / 60°
Wear layer: approx. 3.6mm, suitable for underfloor heating systems: RT = 0.058 m2K/W


Chevron flooring
flor NOVOLOC® 5G 740 45°
Dimensions: 9.8 x 140 x 740 mm / 45°
Wear layer: approx. 3.6mm, suitable for underfloor heating systems: RT = 0.058 m2K/W


Parquet flooring on underfloor heating systems

Parquet flooring from Scheucher makes every home unique and lends them its own character. Warmth, liveliness, natural surfaces and the many positive properties of wood are a treat for all of your senses and ensure a sustainably healthy indoor climate.

One of the absolute highlights of MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G is its perfect suitability for the installation on underfloor heating systems. Due to the completely new construction of the collection, an unprecedented low installation height is possible without having to compromise on the wear layer. This allows the warmth of your underfloor heating to radiate into your rooms the fastest and with the lowest thermal resistance of only 0.058m² K / W. Combined with a large-area heat source of an underfloor heating, the room temperature can be kept up to 3°C lower than with conventional radiators while receiving the same heat. This saves heating costs: up to six percent less energy consumption at already 1°C less in your home! This way, not only your wallet, but above all our environment is profiting.

See MULTIflor virtually in your own room:

Bring your floors to life and see how your rooms can change using different parquet colors and patterns from MULTIflor!

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