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It is our passion to produce parquet flooring for your home from a naturally grown tree.  This aspect, coupled with many decades of experience, one of the most modern manufactories within Europe as well as numerous innovations help to create manifold parquet flooring that enchants over and over again and is optimally tailored to the requirements of modern construction processes.

 Even if you have already chosen a construction type, there are many more options available to you at Scheucher to enable you to “fine tune” your floor: Different wood types unveil a spectacular world of colors by nature, which is enhanced by various surface treatments with natural color oils or sealants. Also the way in which a floor is gra­ded has a significant impact on the effect achieved by that floor as well as creating an individual look. For that reason, we offer a more harmonious effect (a mix of similar colours) or a more dynamic effect (a mix of light and dark) – the choice is yours.

 The structure of the floor is linked to the haptics of the parquet, i.e. how it feels when you touch it with your hands or walk on it barefoot. In certain lights, it also lends the parquet a subtle “finished” look.

Discover the many facets of 2- and 3-layer parquet floorings in different dimensions, which almost set no more limits to your personal interior design.





WOODflor NOVOLOC® 5G  is the classic from Scheucher. Due to its construction, the 3-layer parquet  has a high warp resistance and therefore can be installed on an appropriate underlay as well as glued down on a screed or wooden composite subfloor. With the reliable NOVOLOC® 5G interlocking system planks are simply locked together, aligning  themselves automatically click by click.  This ensures a clean and safe installation result, including great time savings. With the additional RELOC element for WOODflor NOVOLOC® 5G you can comfortably change the direction of installation on fully glued down parquet floors, which in turn enables an easy installation throughout several rooms without any transition gaps. 


+ NOVOLOC® 5G interlocking system
+ 3,6 mm solid wood layer
+ Front edge impregnated
+ Suitable for underfloor heating
+ Glue-down installation
+Floating installation

+ 1-Strip
    14 x 140 x 2200
    14 x 182 x 2200
    14 x 222 x 2200

+ 3-Strip
    14 x 182 x 2200


A wide range of the most attractive and best-loved parquet creations from Scheucher can be put to use in a variety of ways:

MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G is a new, diverse range of 2-layer parquet creations, which is optimally tailored to the requirements of modern construction processes. Here you can benefit from the full range of options: refined single planks in wonderfully well-balanced proportions, classic three-strip parquet with its perfect charm or extravagant Chevron flooring in exquisite laying patterns.  The true innovative power of MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G lies, however, in its „subsurface“: thanks to its completely unique structure, an unprecedentedly low construction height can be achieved without having to compromise on the wear layer. Not only is MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G  functional, it also provides added innovation value in many ways – thanks in particular to the NOVOLOC® 5G installation system.  For the Chevron flooring in particular, Scheucher has simplified what, up to now, has been a rather complex installation process.


+ NOVOLOC® 5G interlocking system  / also for Chevron
+ 3,6 mm solid wood layer
+ Front edge impregnated
+ Total thickness: 9.8 mm
+ Chevron flooring 45° and 60°
+ Laying pattern variants
+ Perfect for underfloor heating
+ Glue down installation
+ Low installation height for an excellent junction to other floor types

+ 5 different dimensions length
   1200 / 1800 / 2200 / 2400 / 2200 3-Strip

+ Chevron flooring
    740 with 45° and 500 with 60°

MULTIflor 700

With MULTIflor Tongue and Groove you can now give an even more individual touch to your living space: The 2-layer parquet does not only impress with its classic, timeless patterns but also with its low construction height and its perfect suitability for underfloor heating.


+ New dimension and installation patterns, such as large-size herringbone and cube pattern
+ Approx. 3.6 mm wear layer
+ Total thickness 9.8 mm:
+ Low installation height for an excellent junction to other floor types
+ Ideally suited for underfloor heating

+ 4 Installation Pattern

+ 6 different types
    Oak | Natur | Bianca
    Oak | Natur | Perla
    Oak | Natur | Natura
    Oak | Natur | Akzent
    Black Walnut | Natur | Natura
    Oak smoked | Natur | Natura


The high-quality 2-layer parquet BILAflor® combines all advantages of glue-down parquet with those of engineered parquet. The bottom layer made of rift-grained spruce and plywood bands on the front edges ensure a stable connection construction.


+ Glue down installation
+ 3.6 mm solid wear layer
+ impregnated front edge
+ perfect for underfloor heating

+ Herringbone patterns

+ 1-strip
    11 x 90 x 1000
    11 x 70 x 500
    13 x 70 x 500

+ 2-strip
    11 x 120 x 1200, 9.5x120x1200mm


Installing Scheucher parquet over underfloor heatings

Parquet floorings from Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH are suitable for the installation on underfloor heating systems, according to DIN EN 1264 (Series) „Water based surface embedded heating and cooling systems– Part 3: construction“.

DIN EN 1264 (Series) as well as ÖNORM B 2242 recommend a surface temperature limit of max. 29°C in living areas. These advices also apply equally for electrical panel heating with gentle heating characteristics.

Chart of thermal insulation resistances:



14 mm thickness


RT = 0.101 m² K/W

BILAflor® 5.513 mm thicknessRT = 0.087 m² K/W
BILAflor®11 mm thicknessRT = 0.078 m² K/W
MULTIflor NOVOLOC® 5G9,8 mm thicknessRT = 0.058 m² K/W
BILAflor® 289,3 mm thicknessRT = 0.058 m² K/W


This „feel comfortable“ chart for indoor room climate demonstrates the combination of relative humidity and room temperature where the overwhelming majority feels comfortable in indoor rooms.


EN 15251:2012 „ Input parameters for indoor climate“ recommends a seasonally caused relative humidity of approx. 30 % to 65 % for a healthy room climate. In this range, natural characteristics of wood like gaps, minor cracks or warpage of your parquet floor may occur in a moderate degree. In case of long-term deviations, health impairments or excessive changes in the appearance of your hardwood floor, like big deformations, big gaps and cracks may occur. Wood as a natural material reacts more sensitively to changes of the relative humidity than to changes of temperature.

Therefore the key to success lies in the observance of an optimum relative humidity of your indoor air! This generally requires periodic cleaning and maintenance of your parquet floor as well as an appropriate air humidification in the heating season.

We therefor recommend cold humidifiers with an integrated sterilization system. The installation of Fidbox records your climate above and under your parquet floor over many years and can be conveniently monitored by mobile app. Paying attention to these important factors will guarantee pleasure over decades with your high-quality parquet floor from Scheucher.


  • Only 3 different elements guarantee a fast and easy installation
  • Excellent results at the tests of an Austrian Institute for Sports Technologies:
    EN 14904 : 2006 and DIN 18032-2, a standard with one of the highest requirements in Europe
  • 3-layer WOODflor 182 3-Strip NOVOLOC® or 2-Strip BILAflor® 1200
    with 7-layer sealing TENSEO Classico
  • Construction for excellent sound behavior
  • Very low construction height – ideal for retrofit installation
  • Very good sliding behavior without any additional surface treatment on-site
  • Robust, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain

Sandwich System

Technical DataEASYFIT 500EASYFIT 1200ÖISS-standards
Resilience 150 kg iron wheelno damagesno damagesno damages
Ball bounce95 %99 %min. 90 %
Shock absorption53 %51 %min. 50 %
Vertical deformation3.2 mm2,5 mmmin. 2,3 mm – max. 6 mm
Dynamic friction coeffizient0.450.450.4-0,7
Bending depression5%-12%1%-10%Max. 20%
Fire behaviorDfl-s1Dfl-s1
Thickness of wear layerapprox. 5.5 mmapprox. 5.5 mmMin. 4 mm
Friction due to EN 14904808080-110


  • Fast and simple installation due to low number of different parts
    and a high degree of pre-fabrication
  • Excellent results according to the Austrian Institute for Sports Technologies
    (OFI): EN 14904 : 2006 and ÖSISS ÖNORM B 2608 04/2006: a standard with the
    highest requirements in Europe
  • Robust and durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain
  • 2-Strip BILAflor® 500 - 5.5 with 5.5 mm top layer and 7-layer sealing
  • Variable height of construction
  • Extremely solid construction due to very short distances between supports
  • Very good sliding bahavior without additional surface treatment on site


Technische DatenEN 14904DIN V 18032-2ÖISS-StandardOlympic
Resiliencemin. 1500 N> 1500 N> 1500 N> 1500 N
Ball bouncemin. 90 %min. 90 %min. 90 %93 %
Bending depression-≤ 15 %≤ 20 %13%
Shock absorption25–75 %min. 53 %min. 50 %60 %
Vertical deformationmax. 5 mm> 2.3 mm> 2.3–6 mm2.7 mm
Sliding friction (Pendulum)80–110--87
Sliding friction (Stuttgarter Sportler)0.4–0.70.4–0.60.4–0.70.45

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