Reddish-coloured parquet floors enliven rooms with the power of their colour and radiate profound warmth. They are reminiscent of the red earth of Australia, the play of colours seen in canyon landscapes during the evening or the fiery Southern temperament.


Red Oak Natura

A light brown wood with a reddish grain structure, the Red Oak adds a subtle, red base colour tone to the traditional oak.


Pear steamed Natura

The warm-hearted, red-brown softness of the fine-grained Pear creates a relaxed and elegant feel in rooms.


Black Cherry Natura

Black Cherry creates a vivid impression in rooms thanks to its even richer, mid-brown tones as well as a slightly higher hardness than is available with European Cherry.


Cherry Eur. steamed Natura

European cherry wood astounds with a balanced red-brown colouring and enlivens rooms with its natural impact, which is bursting with vitality.


Plum Natura

The subtle grain of Plum ensures gentle accents, without being too overpowering, for a variety of furniture and colour combinations.

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