Care & Cleaning (oiled/waxed)

A place where I can express my own personal style and taste, surrounding myself with the things I love. Choosing from the superior woods and colours in the Scheucher Parkett® range of top quality oiled/waxed wooden flooring means I can create a bespoke floor that’s unique to my space, making my home a true reflection of my personality.

A specially developed range of cleaning and care products enhances the natural hues of my wooden floor. These nurturing products protect and preserve the beautiful sheen and individual character of the wood. Gentle treatment essences ensure the surface remains smooth yet hard-wearing.

To keep your Scheucher Parkett® wood floor at its best, please make sure the room temperature is kept at a constant 18 °C to 24 °C and the air humidity at approximately 30 % to 60 %. This room climate not only protects your wood floor, but also enhances your health and comfort. Using an air humidifier is recommended in the heating season.

To avoid scratches and serious damage it is recommended to:

  • Place mats in the entrance area
  • Remove sand and grit with a broom
  • Fit your movable furniture with felt gliders
  • Special premium cleaning sets
  • Efficient long-term protection


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