Exhibition schedule

We cordially invite you to visit our booth at the following exhibitions:


BAU Munich               

16. 01. 2017 – 21. 01 . 2017

Häuslbauer Graz                 
19. 01. 2017 – 22. 01 . 2017


Messe Oberwart
26.01. 2017 – 29.01. 2017


We’re looking forward to see you!

Scheucher GmbH- official member of IBU

True to the principles of Scheucher, every single stage of the manufacturing process is geared towards using our natural resources in the most sustainable ways and applying the highest standards of environmental protection, which make Scheucher parquet an outstanding quality-product, solely made in Austria.

Scheucher is an official member of IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.) since January 2016. This membership and its previous preparation of the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) substantiates our requirements on sustainability and simultaneously encourages sustainable building.

EPD is based on international standards (ISO 14025,ISO 14040ff) as well as the European DIN EN 15804, which provides the basis for EPD’s throughout Europe.

Environmental Product Declarations give the appropriate data basis to represent environmental attributes of a product for its whole lifecycle and include general product-, life cycle assessment-  and additional information. Moreover, they are compiled on a basis of criteria, which among others is developed by independent third parties and which is additionally verified independently.

Exhibition schedule

We’re pleased to exclusively show you our innovations for 2016 at the upcoming exhibitions and would like to invite you to visit our booth at the following exhibitions:

Häuslbauer Graz                 
14. 01. 2016 – 17. 01 . 2016

DOMOTEX Hannover
16. 01. 2016 – 19.01. 2016

Messe Oberwart
21.01. 2016 – 24.01. 2016

Bautec Berlin
16.02. 2016 – 19.02. 2016

Wohnen & Interieur Wien 
05. 03. 2016 – 13. 03. 2016

EFWEX Ghent (Belgium)

13. 03. 2016 – 15.03.2016

Look forward to an absolute novelty from Scheucher and to a journey to our new islands of our Elevation range 2016!

We look forward to your visit!


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Description of Performance

As of now, our descriptions of performance according to Construction Building Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) are avaiable for download on our website at Service/Downloads. Link to the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No 157/2014 of 30 October 2013, on the conditions for making a declaration of performance on construction products available on a website

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

China’s focus on the world champion and Scheucher parquet

The company Beamy Int’l Holding from China has started a 2-year promotion together with Werner Schlager, the world champion in table tennis from Austria and the company Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH.

In 2003 became Werner Schlager – as the first Non – Chinese – the world champion after Jan-Ove Waldner from Sweden in 1997. And the Chinese have won all world championships since 2003. Werner Schlager is the Ambassador for environment in the company Beamy Int’l Holding now.

The company Beamy Int’l Holding and Scheucher parquet have a very good business relationship for several years. Beamy emphasizes the excellent quality of the parquet floor and has found in Scheucher a reliable supplier.

On this note a common project was born from the sports activities of the world champion combined with the noble Scheucher parquet and the Chinese perfection.

The company Beamy Int’l Holding, together with Werner Schlager and the company Scheucher, will be represented at the press conference in the context of the next exhibition Domotex 2014 in Shanghai.

Werner Schlager mit Kinder

Werner Schlager_Snip
Schlager und Chef_snip

Visit us at one of the trade fairs and allow yourself to be convinced by the unique quality of Scheucher Parkett products!

Häuslbauermesse Graz

16th to 19th January 2014

Hall A OG / Booth 270

CASA Salzburg

22nd to 25th January 2014

Hall 06 / Booth 116 – Besko

HausBau und EnergieSpar Tulln

24th to 26th January 2014

Hall 6 / Booth 629

Bautec Berlin

18th to 21st February 2014

Hall 18 / Booth 114

Wohnen und Interieur Wien

8th to 16th March 2014

Hall C / Booth 0513

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